Governance, Investigations & Compliance

Governance, Investigations & Compliance

Navacelle offers expertise that stems from its extensive experience of real-life multi-jurisdictional enforcement action with actual knowledge of authorities and regulators’ expectations.

Boards, committees and management face tough calls when it comes to setting up and assessing the validity of compliance programs, codes of ethics. In addition to legal liability, Navacelle advises on issues of conflicts-of-interests, independence, reporting and transparency to include reputational risk.

With respect to corporate governance, authorities require companies not only to have rules in place and appropriate training but also to ask corporates to focus on the underlying conduct itself.

Navacelle carries out investigations aimed at assessing the appropriateness of systems and controls in place ahead of any red flag being raised or once the whistle was blown. Lawyers know how to address complex or sensitive situations in an effective manner.

Navacelle lawyers work in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.